Term 4 Writing

WALT: I am learning to write a recount about the Jubilee.

 SUCCESS CRITERIA: Write about the jubilee and how you were part of it.
Teacher: Great writing Liam. I wonder if you will be a builder!!

Performing a Play

On Friday we got a treat!! The Sharks reading group performed this play to us. Thanks Keisha, Rose, Liam, Bea and Luke from Room 20. You were awesome!!


I am learning multiples of 10 that add to 100.

I know they equal 100 because 1+9= 10 so 90+10= 100.

Term 3 Topic - Music and Dance

Skill Focus
The children will be able to:
  • participate and contribute demonstrating creativity.

Deep understandings
The children will understand that:

  • there are different ways to be creative
  • we all have ideas to contribute through our participation



I am learning to share my reading with an audience. I need to use a big voice and read like I am talking.


I can read books to the class using a big voice so they can listen to my story.

I liked it because there were some hards words and Bea helped me with them.

Term 3 Writing

WALT write down our ideas in our story.

SUCCESS CRITERIA: Share your story with a buddy.


I show my CARE values by picking up rubbish.

We are learning to:
Community - Be a positive member of Oaklands School and Room 21.
Active Thinking - Use our initiative when making choices.
Respect - Be kind and respectful towards others.
Excellence - Try our best in our learning.

We prove we can consistently show Community, Active Thinking, Respect and Excellence when we get our Bronze, Silver and Gold certificates. 


WALT Sing our songs for production.
We have learned about how to sit up straight and how to use our mouths to make our singing nice and loud.

We will know we have succeded when we can sing our songs with energy and enthusiasm.

We are sounding better every time we come to singing and we know most of the words of the songs for production. Great singing Room 21 – can’t wait to see you all at production!

Kapahaka performance

Today Liam performed at the Kākano assembly in the Kapahaka. He did a wonderful job.


I am making something that will make my truck spin into a tornado by turning it around. I am working with Keisha and Sophie to make this.

We are learning to develop the 5 key competencies through activity based learning. We are learning to be Self Managed, use our Thinking, Use language, symbols and text, Participate and Contribute and Relate to Others.

SUCCESS CRITERIA: We will show the key competencies throughout discovery time.