Music term 3/4

WALT play the recorder.

SUCCESS CRITERIA I can play the notes B A G C D 

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STUDENT VOICE - I can play some songs on the recorder using the notes B A G C D.

Physical Education Term 4 Run Jump Throw

WALT run, jump and throw.
SUCCESS CRITERIA I can run in a race, I can jump over the little hurdles and I can throw a ball.

Inquiry Term 4 - Potato growing

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WALT explain how a plant grows. 

SUCCESS CRITERIA I can tell you about how my potato is growing and what it needs. 

STUDENT VOICE: I know that my plant needs water and sunlight to grow. 

Technology Term 3

WALT use recyclable materials to design a toy. 

SUCCESS CRITERIA I have created a toy.

Student Voice 

I made a toy from recycling materials. 

Term 2 CARE

WALT use the Oaklands CARE values.

SUCCESS CRITERIA I will demonstrate Community, Active Thinking, Respect and Excellence. 


" I show community by being good in a group. I get on well with other kids".

Term2 PE

WALT throw and catch a ball.SUCCESS CRITERIAI can throw a ball to someone else and I know how to have my hands ready to catch it. 

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STUDENT VOICE - " I can pass a ball to my partner.  I know to have my hands ready to catch it when he throws it back". 

Magnetism Term 2 Science

WALT to know about what magnets can do.
SUCCESS CRITERIA- We can talk about attraction, poles, magnetic surfaces.

STUDENT VOICE I know that magnets stick to things and they have two poles - north and south. 

Term 2 Maths - Measurement

WALT measure length.
SUCCESS CRITERIA  - We can measure in centimetres

Measurement for Children

Student Voice - I can use my ruler to measure how long something is. 

Term 2 Inquiry

WALT know  

· * that there are  different kinds of movement - the motion of common objects

·  * that pushes and pulls can make things start or stop moving - the effects of forces on objects
·  about the movement of different sized objects 

   * about the  ways magnets behave

Student Voice " I know what magnets do".

P.E. Term 2

WALT throw and catch a ball.

SUCCESS CRITERIA- We can aim at an object and we know to have our hands up ready to catch the ball.

Student Voice " I am good at throwing and catching". 

Writing Term 2

WALT  recount something.

SUCCESS CRITERIA  I have answered some of the ‘W’ questions. 

Yesterday my class and I went to the airforce museum. First we did the scavenger hunt. It was so much fun. We had to go all around the museum finding things like a yellow plane. 


Student Voice "I have answered lots of w questions".

Maths Term 1

WALT multiply numbers.

SUCCESS CRITERIA I know that 2x5 = 10, 4 x5 = 20, 4 x10 = 40. 

Student Voice " I can multiply two numbers together and get the right answer". 

Writing Term 1

WALT write a recount about something  that has already happened.

SUCCESS CRITERIA – we will have a capital at the start of each sentence and a fullstop at the end.

I went to the pool with my class. We had a swimming lesson with our group then we had some fun. I like going swimming because I am a good swimmer.

Student Voice - I have started with a capital letter. 

Term 1 Reading

WALT use our reading skills to complete a crossword.
SUCCESS CRITERIA; we can read the clues and work out the answers.

Student Voice - " I know how to read the crossword clues to get the answers".

Art Term 1 2015

WALT draw a self portrait.

SUCCESS CRITERIA The portrait will have  facial features included, drawn in proportion and correctly placed.

STUDENT VOICE - I have the parts on my face in the right place.