Keeping our self save week 9

I am learning to make safe decisions.

I am learning this beacause we need to be safe around strangers ( people you don't know )

An example of a safe decision is if someone you don't know walks up to you and say "hey get in my car theres lollies" Shout "Stranger danger!" and run

Cloze activity 29.3.17

Title Cloze activity

I am learning how to do a cloze activity to help me with my reading
Being able to make logical predictions about what word would fit correctly into a sentence is a successful reader strategy.

So What?
We use the following procedures:
  1. Read the whole text so that we can get an overall picture of the text.
  2. Re-read the text and think of words that would fit into the gaps. Write them down
  3. Look at the word list for this activity and see if I am correct / make changes