Term 4 Writing

WALT: I am learning to write a recount about the Jubilee.

 SUCCESS CRITERIA: Write about the jubilee and how you were part of it.
Teacher: Great writing Liam. I wonder if you will be a builder!!

Performing a Play

On Friday we got a treat!! The Sharks reading group performed this play to us. Thanks Keisha, Rose, Liam, Bea and Luke from Room 20. You were awesome!!


I am learning multiples of 10 that add to 100.

I know they equal 100 because 1+9= 10 so 90+10= 100.

Term 3 Topic - Music and Dance

Skill Focus
The children will be able to:
  • participate and contribute demonstrating creativity.

Deep understandings
The children will understand that:

  • there are different ways to be creative
  • we all have ideas to contribute through our participation